At Bigsby Consulting, facilitation is one of our passions. Whether it’s engaging in key informant interviews, small group discussions or facilitating focus groups for government or research projects, we’re here to listen, get clear on, and co-create information that is valuable to you and your stakeholders.

Focus groups

Over the years, Bigsby Consulting has been involved in conducting focus groups for education and health sector projects. Some of the facilitation work we’ve done is listed below:

  • Healthy Living Guide for Teens: Conducted focus groups with adolescents to get feedback on the Healthy Living Guide for Teens created by the BC Ministries of Health and Education. Focus group feedback was incorporated into revisions to the Guide to have it be more engaging and accessible to teens.  (available online)
  • Alzheimer’s Drug Therapy Initiative Seniors Medication Study: Conducted focus groups with doctors (facilitated, developed moderator’s guide and consent forms) and interviewed specialists to guide study design. Served as project liaison with prospective and participating doctors and helped develop stakeholder communications materials.
  • Statin Initiative for Education for Quality Improvement in Patient Care: Conducted focus groups with family physicians and general practitioners around their statin prescribing habits.
  • Union formulary report: Conducted focus groups with nurses and other union members around pharmaceutical needs for their drug plans.
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) patients: Conducted focus groups with COPD patients across Ontario. For more information, see the article I co-authored entitled Self-care issues from the perspective of individuals with COPD found in Patient Education and Counselling. (available online)