Some of the feedback we’ve received:

Katy has been a critical support to our work with the After-School Sport and Arts Initiative (ASSAI). We deeply valued and appreciated her professional and excellent guidance and management of our project. We will miss her sense of humour, intellect and contagious positive energy.

– Sheila Wilson, ASSAI Coordinator

The support Katy provided in our first year of the After-School Sport and Art Initiative was extremely valuable to us, as we tried to learn and navigate through this new process.  We felt that Katy was very approachable and helpful, always ready with encouragement and a ‘can do’ attitude.  Katy will be missed.

– Kirsten Deasey, District Principal, Learning & Innovation

I love the work that Katy does! Her strategies for challenging behaviour are excellent. They empower both the adult implementing the strategy with accessible, anxiety reducing tools and creative ideas, while empowering the child with the freedom to be a confident individual, engage with their community and grow in respect. Personally, I’ve worked with children as a professional facilitator for the past 20 years and I gained a wealth of knowledge from these Webinars. The strategies are thoroughly researched, scientifically backed up and simple to use. I believe they are foundational, to building a successful program that emanates a culture of respect and success. I’d recommend the webinars to everyone who works with children in any shape of form.

– Daniel Duggan, Executive, Rhythm Resource & Director, Infectious Grooves UK

Katy provided the staff with an opportunity to voice the challenging behaviors that we face as teachers each day. She invited us to take a step back, communicate and support one another when facing these challenges. I took the suggestions from our session, tried them out and saw growth and positive results.  Katy is a fantastic facilitator and her session reminded me of the value of a strong community among staff. Thank you Katy!

– Misha Smart, Teacher