Some of the feedback we’ve received about our training is:

I love the work that Katy does! Her strategies for challenging behaviour are excellent. They empower both the adult implementing the strategy with accessible, anxiety reducing tools and creative ideas, while empowering the child with the freedom to be a confident individual, engage with their community and grow in respect. Personally, I’ve worked with children as a professional facilitator for the past 20 years and I gained a wealth of knowledge from these Webinars. The strategies are thoroughly researched, scientifically backed up and simple to use. I believe they are foundational, to building a successful program that emanates a culture of respect and success. I’d recommend the Webinars to everyone who works with children in any shape of form.

– Daniel Duggan, Executive, Rhythm Resource & Director, Infectious Grooves UK

Katy provided the staff with an opportunity to voice the challenging behaviors that we face as teachers each day. She invited us to take a step back, communicate and support one another when facing these challenges. I took the suggestions from our session, tried them out and saw growth and positive results.  Katy is a fantastic facilitator and her session reminded me of the value of a strong community among staff. Thank you Katy!

-Misha Smart, Teacher

I liked how the workshops gave us an opportunity to re-assess behaviors in our class. It provided us with the opportunity to re-think our students and their behaviors and employ forgotten or new strategies to deal with disruptive behaviors. In two situations we tackled the next day, newly taught strategies worked! I also like how we celebrated our successes, and reminded ourselves that we belong to a very supportive staff environment. That is so important!

-Nicole Forshaw, Teacher